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The Key to Distraction-Free Writing | Goins, Writer

Via – Writing and Editing Sometimes you stare at that blank screen and simply can’t get focused. But writing is integral to everything we do online. So you need to learn how to focus. Via

The Story Department | Screenwriting tips & tools for screenwriters, filmmakers & storytellers

Via – Writing and Editing Australia’s #1 blog on screenwriting | Free & premium resources for script writers, film makers and story tellers. Via

What’s Your Story? 5 Great Social Story-telling Sites – Social Web Daily | MyLife’s Social BlogSocial Web Daily

Via – Writing and EditingStorytelling has been around since the dawn of time, but it has really taken ahold of our culture with the advent of the Internet. From self-branding, to a – sponsored by the social media professionals MyLife (What’s Your Story?Via

Why Collaborative Storytelling Is The Future Of Marketing | Fast Company

Via – Writing and EditingWhy Collaborative Storytelling Is The Future Of Marketing | Fast Company | | Shortened and Popularized by (Why Collaborative Storytelling Is The Future Of Marketing #storytelling…)…Via

Writing & Poetry Contests: poetry, prose, non-fiction, novels, short stories, flash fiction, screenplays

Via – Writing and EditingWriting & Poetry Contests and Competitions: poetry, non-fiction, novels, short story, flash fiction, plays, screenplays.Via

Twitter / The Importance Of Research …

Via – Writing and Editing The Importance Of Research Before Writing: Many people come up with an idea for an essay and they start to write… Via

Twitter / Tips For Writing Your Own …

Via – Writing and Editing Tips For Writing Your Own Poetry: Poetry can seem like a mystical, unknowable quantity that only writing doctora… Via

NPR’s Three-minute Fiction Contest – Round 8 closes at 11:59 pm 03/25/2012

There’s still time to enter Round 8 of NPR’s Three-minute Fiction Contest.  You have to be at least 18 years old to enter.  Contest rules are available on the NPR website. Read about the contest.

Another reviewer talks about poor copyediting…

So… I’m not the only one who has this issue… Peter Rozovsky reviews Payback by Mike Nicol and comments on the copy editing, or apparent lack thereof.  Read the entire review on his blog Detectives Beyond Borders. Payback, by South Africa’s Mike Nicol, is a terrific thriller: atmospheric, suspenseful, full of…