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Readability and SEO

See on – On Social Media Great content isn’t great unless it gets read. Make sure your content is readable before you double down on your content marketing efforts. See on

Discover and create beautiful magazines with us

See on – Words on Books I’m going to try this out. It looks pretty cool.   Create your own online magazine. What we used to call an ezine.  See on

Language and China’s ‘Practical Creativity’ – New York Times (blog)

See on – Writing and Editing Language and China’s ‘Practical Creativity’New York Times (blog)He is at pains to point out that his analysis is not race-based, that people raised in a character-based writing system have a different type of creativity, and that they may flourish… See on

Official Photos And Details Of Samsung’s Latest Monster Smartphone

See on – Tech Today The Samsung Galaxy Note II…. See on

10 Things You Need To Be Doing If You Use Apple’s iCloud

See on – Tech Today Unlock the true potential of Apple’s online storage. See on

5 Critical Mistakes Businesses Make with Social Media | Social …

See on – On Social Media he top five mistakes businesses make when promoting their products and services through social media:1: We know you are a business, but please don’t remind usThe biggest mistake businesses make with social media is … See on

How to Prevent Hackers From Taking Over Your Facebook Account | VA Simple Services

See on – Tech Today If you’re using Facebook, you can be a potential target for hackers. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to protect your Facebook account. See on

Science Fiction Writing Competition, Fantasy Writing | |

See on – Writing and Editing Has it always been your goal to enter and win a fantasy writing contest or science fiction competition? Win and get your sci-fi writing recognized today! See on