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The Week’s 5 Best Stories From NPR Books : NPR

See on Scoop.it – Words on Books This week, get an exclusive taste of the new Oliver Sacks book, Hallucinations, plus our review of Tom Wolfe’s Back to Blood, and a look at Amazon’s new author popularity rankings — silly, useful, or an attempt at world domination? See on www.npr.org

Portis ‘Miscellany’ Makes A High-‘Velocity’ Collection : NPR

See on Scoop.it – Words on Books True Grit author Charles Portis is the cult writer for people who hate cult writers. See on www.npr.org

BBC Arts Editor Allays Your Art Fears In ‘Looking’ : NPR

See on Scoop.it – Words on Books In his new book, What Are You Looking At?: The Surprising, Shocking, and Sometimes Strange Story of 150 Years of Modern Art, Will Gompertz takes an intelligent, accessible approach to a head-scratching subject. See on www.npr.org

Apple’s ‘Disappointing’ (but Still Pretty Amazing) Quarter in 3 Graphs

See on Scoop.it – Tech Today iPad sales are growing slower than Mac laptop sales. Wasn’t the iPad supposedly killing the PC? See on www.theatlantic.com

Steal My Book!

See on Scoop.it – Words on Books What would you do if your novel was being translated into Russian for ebook pirates? I rathernlike Peter Mountford’s approach to the situation. See on www.theatlantic.com

The Book We’re Talking About This Week

See on Scoop.it – Words on Books “There Was A Country” by Chinua Achebe. Penguin, $27.95. October 11, 2012 What is it about?Achebe, the author of the widely read “Things Fall Apart,” in addition to scores of other stories and poems, chronicles the events surrounding the Nigerian Civil War, a…

‘Being Published By Amazon Defied All My Expectations’

See on Scoop.it – Words on Books By way of thanks, Amazon sent me a large box of diapers. I love books but by god those diapers were welcome. See on www.huffingtonpost.com

October 2012 Contemporary Poetry Reviews

See on Scoop.it – Words on Books Each month, this contemporary poetry review series selects between five and ten collections published since 2000 to recommend to its readership. See on www.huffingtonpost.com

Ebooks Examined from All Angles at Digital Shift Virtual Conference – The Digital Shift

See on Scoop.it – Words on Books The process for checking out eBooks can be complicated. Are we really ready for a shuft to eBooks in libraries? See on www.thedigitalshift.com

Pew: Younger Americans Reading More

See on Scoop.it – Words on Books Younger Americans are reading more according to the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project. See on lj.libraryjournal.com