A Plot Problem Is A Character Problem

See on Scoop.it – Writing and Editing If a story seems a little dull, if the plot doesn’t seem to be very engaging, you could deal with it by having more stuff happen, more people running around, new characters, additional subplots and so forth. Usually, though, the problem is not in what’s happening, the problem […]

18 Movies You Didn’t Know Were Books

See on Scoop.it – Words on Books Hollywood loves using books as source material – this year’s Best Picture category at the Oscars features “Life of Pi,” “Lincoln,” “Argo,” “Silver Linings Playbook,” and “Les Misérables,” all of which began as books. See on www.huffingtonpost.com


See on Scoop.it – Writing and Editing BANG, BANG, YOU’RE READ Michelle Bishop‘s insight: A contest for all of you crime story writers…  See on flashbangcontest.wordpress.com

Five Editing Tips for Self-Publishers

Slowly Back Away from the Computer: Five Editing Tips for Self-Publishers By Michele Barard Self-publishers often serve double duty as both writers and editors for their own work. Since they are intimately familiar with their own writing, it’s easy to overlook errors or inconsistencies. Despite this possibility, many self-publishers act as their own editors as […]

The End of the Unprofessional Writer

See on Scoop.it – Words on Books Kris Rusch serves up another great essay. I agree that it’s up to writers to make themselves into professionals. Did traditional publishing encourage writers to remain amateurs? Michelle Bishop‘s insight: A wonderful essay about some realities of traditional publishing that might best be laid to rest. See on […]