Why editing?

Why choose Urban Book Editor?

I have a unique understanding of the language of urban characters. I combine this understanding of urban culture with a firm grasp of standard grammar to provide superior service. While I specialize in urban novels, I work with writers from a variety of genres. I have worked with both fiction and non-fiction writers of various genres including self-help, memoir, and fantasy.

You need developmental editing services designed to help self-publishers.

Developmental Editing is so much more than checking spelling and making sure commas are in the right place. Developmental Editing gives fiction authors a chance to work through plot and character development with an eye toward tightening the story and developing compelling characters that keep readers coming back for more. The developmental editing process is designed to ask you hard questions and to challenge you to bring your A game to the writing process.

You need someone to push you to write your best.

Writing is exhausting. It’s emotional. We tend to fall in love with our words. That’s why we need someone to tell us the truth. Sometimes a line, a paragraph, or an entire chapter needs to be rewritten. Maybe it needs to be removed altogether. With the right team and the right support, we can learn to look objectively at our writing, strike what needs to be stricken, and add what needs to be added to make the reading experience amazing for the audience. In the end, it’s the audience experience that matters most.

You need to rewrite.

Nobody wants to hear this, but you need to rewrite.  The best-selling authors around the world rewrite their manuscripts multiple times before bringing them to publication. That’s why they’re best-selling authors. I hold your hand through the process to keep you motivated and focused so you can shine your story to a high gloss.

You need layouts and cover design services.

In addition to editing services, I offer design and layout services to select clients. I work with award-winning graphic artists to develop an eye-catching cover for your book.

You need a success team.

Writing a book sounds like a solitary affair, but it’s not. Writers need a team of professionals to help them bring their book to market. I work with you as a member of your success team to help you produce your best possible work.