Editing Your Book for Self-Publishing

Editing Your Book for Self-Publishing: A Practical Guide for Authors

BookCoverOnTabletHave you been struggling with writing your manuscript? Are you afraid that your book is not ready for publication? If so, Editing Your Book for Self-Publishing is for you. This guide is a quick read that gives you a process for editing your book to prepare it for self-publishing or for submission to a traditional publisher.

Editing is vital to the success of your book. Don't try to publish your book without following the steps outlined in Editing Your Book for Self-Publishing.

  • Learn why editing is the key to successful publishing.
  • Understand a process for editing your manuscript.
  • Review your manuscript using the checklist for what to check during editing.
  • Access a list of resources to help you edit your manuscript successfully.

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Editing Your Book for Self-Publishing is a practical guide for authors who are publishing their books themselves; however, this book is not just for self-publishers. The editing suggestions, handy editing checklist, and a list of online resources will help any author who is preparing a book for publication, whether through a traditional publisher or for self-publishing.

About the Author

Michele_CircleNew Orleans native Michele Barard is a graduate of Agnes Scott College with a BA in International Relations. Ms. Barard lived in Mexico and Central America for several years and worked as a computer software trainer, graphic designer, and technical writer. After returning to the United States, she continued her training, graphic design, and writing career.

With a deep passion for writing and exploring societal issues for women, both personally and professionally, Ms. Barard also founded Urban Book Editor, which helps writers through professional editing, book development, and consulting.

Ms. Barard currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia, with her children where she writes and provides training to her clients.